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Interview  with the Oregon Wrestling Report
The Oregon WrestlingReport - Interviews and Guests - April 1997
TOWeR: Howdid you get into wrestling, and were you successful at an early age?
Kerry:Well,I began wrestling in 7th grade. It was a result of a combination of things.First of all, I wanted to do something to keep me busy after school. Ichose sports. Originally, I wanted to play basketball. The school thatI went to did not allow 7th graders to play basketball, so that was a nogo. I had a friend that had been wrestling for a long time and he suggestedthat I go out for the team. I did and instantly fell in love with the sport.From then on is all history.  It took me a while to gain success.In fact, my first year I did not compete in one dual. But, I kept goingto practice and when the off season came I worked out two to three timesa week and I got alot better from that. The following year I won the startingspot at 158 for the freshman team and went 7-1.  From then on I nevermissed a day of practice, both during the regular season and summer. Ihave been improving ever since then.

TOWeR:Do you have any advice for young wrestlers wanting to continue wrestlingin college?
Kerry: Thebest advice that I can give to wrestlers that want to continue wrestlingin college is to be humble. You have to take your lumps before you cangive out lumps. Wrestle as much as you can, learn as much as you can, andbelieve in yourself. Do not let anyone tell you you can't do something. Most important, if you don't do well in school you will not be able toparticipate in sports, so that is a must!

TOWeR:Do you have any hobbies besides wrestling?
Kerry: Inhigh school I was involved in many activities, Orchestra, student government,social clubs. Now I concentrate mostly on my grades and wrestling. Onething that I enjoy alot is my computer. I love to see what I can do withit.

TOWeR: Whatabout your college (Penn State University) and why did you choose it?
Kerry:Penn State is great. There is so much to keep you busy if you want to getinvolved. Our academic and athletics programs are among the best in thecountry, and in some cases the world. There are alot of people here, butyou could see the same people all the time if you wanted to, so it is asbig as you make it. I have enjoyed my time here and look forward to a fewmore great years ahead.

TOWeR:What's your greatest personal memory/achievement in wrestling?
Kerry:There are four greatest moments that come to mind right away: 
     The firstis winning the Junior World Championship in 1992. 
     The secondis winning the University Nationals in 1993. 
     The thirdis winning the NCAA hwt. title in 1994. 
     The fourthis winning the NCAA title in 1997.