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About Kerry


Kerry with Son-Gabriel, Daughter-Amelia, Wife-Abbie



Parents: Gretchen and Charles Cisco

Father: Richard McCoy

Sisters: Cymberly, Christine, Dominique, Brittney, Sierra

Brothers: Charles, Richard, Maurice, Demetrius



Listening to Music, Watching TV, Working with Computers, Playing video games, Playing golf

Student Activities:
Kerry served two terms as the President of the Penn State Student Athlete Advisory Board. In this capacity, McCoy was instrumental in organizing Penn State student athletes to discuss NCAA and Penn State policies and recommendations. He also worked extensively with both the student government and campus administration. He represented Penn State at the Big Ten's Student Advisory Committee meeting voicing the concerns and opinions of Penn State's athletes representing 29 sports and was chosen as one of two student athletes to represent the Big Ten Conference at the NCAA Student Athlete Advisory Committee meetings.  At the meeting he was elected the Vice Chair. After serving as Vice-Chair for a year, he served as Chair for the following year.   He also sat on the NCAA Management Council as NCAA S.A.A.C. Representative.